Yankari National Park

Top Tourist Attractions in Nigeria For this Summer

Nigeria, one of the most populated countries in the world is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Nigeria has a variety of tourist centers for citizens and visitors looking for where to see the wonderful work of nature. Tourist attractions in Nigeria include festival and cultural celebration, ancient and historical places, the nations national parks, as well as other attractive geographical sites.

Travelling to other countries all the time while there are beautiful places to visit in Nigeria is not always the best. Thinking of where to enjoy this summer to the peak, keep away your passport and explore wonderful tourist centers in Nigeria and see the beautiful work of nature.

These are just some of the great places to visit in Nigeria:


Yankari National Park

Image source: Travelling in Africa

Yankari National Park is a game reserve created in 1956. Yankari National Park is rich in wildlife and has a reasonable numbers of elephant, bush bucks, hippo, baboons, buffaloes, lions etc.

Location: Bauchi State


Ikogosi Warm Spring

Image source: Logbaby

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria. Ikogosi Warm Spring is located in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It has attracted so many foreigners to Ekiti, the amazing part of it is that there are two spring, one is cold and the other one is hot, the meeting point of both spring is wonderful attraction to tourist.


Idanre Hill

Image source: Idanreland.org

The hill of Idanre is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. It includes such cultural sites as “Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara) and burial mounds and grounds”( Wikipedia).

Location: Oke-Idanre, Ondo State.


obudu mountain resort.jpg1

Obudu Mountain Resort is situated close to the border of cameroun in Cross River State. Obudu Mountain Resort is  a home away from home which has a serene environment for tourist looking for where to relax after a long day tour across State.


Port harcourt Tourist beach

Image source: Travel guide to port harcourt


If you are looking for beach out Lagos, Port harcourt beach is the place you should be. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is one of the big attractions in the state that is right on the edge of the city. After a day at Tourist Beach, the weary traveler can have dinner at one of Port Harcourt’s wonderful restaurants and enjoy the local nightlife.

Location: Port Harcourt, River State.


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