GITEX Technology Week is an event dedicated to the IT and communications sector. GITEX presents the latest in cloud computing designs, automation software, ERP solutions, Data Mobility and security, tracking devices and more. The thirty-seventh edition of the GITEX Technology Week will be held from 8th Oct – 12th Oct 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre. An event that gives innovators and software giants an insight into the future of information technology and cloud computing. GITEX is the world’s fastest growing technology hub, supported by the brightest and best organisations leading global digital transformation and bringing game-changing technology solutions to the Middle East. Gitex, along with seasoned player in the business also hosts new innovators and designers so that no speck of innovation is left unexplored. Providing inroads into the Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Government, Retail and Banking and Finance sectors, this IT event brings holistic solutions to the world’s most important industrial sections.

Gitex Technology Week 2017 Dubai UAE£

Gitex Technology Week 2017 Dubai UAE

There are many reasons why you should attend this year GITEX Technology week in Dubai, which include:

  1. The Vice President of the WWE is coming!
    Representing the WWE will be Vice President and General Manager of the global entertainment giant, he’ll be walking guests through how the organization employed mobile payments and direct carrier billing to monetize content.
  2. Nissan’s Digital Marketing GM will be talking trends
    You’ve heard the old adage, your marketing strategy needs to be adaptive, capitalizing of current trends, and you couldn’t ask for better supplier of those insights than the General Manager of Digital Marketing at the storied local favourite Nissan Motors.
  3. We’re taking on AI and Chatbots
    Been struggling with the idea of having our wired counterparts servicing some your precious customers; the time and cost saving benefits make it an attractive prospect, but people will know, right? Well all of that and more on discussion at this segment
  4. Learn how to market to millennials
    Looking to give your brand a digital facelift but not sure where to begin, in comes entrepreneur, best selling author, and CEO of the Marketing Zen Group, Shama Hyder who will disc
  5. Find out the difference between Gen Z and millennials
    And how to market to each of them. Leading this segment is co-founder & CEO of PixelPoint, Suhail Rizvi.

In addition there’s tons of exhibitors and hungry sponsored start up with ground-breaking solutions. Hop on the digital bandwagon before it’s too far to catch up with.

For registration, visit https://www.gitex.com

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